Fez is a great city to explore! Unlike Marrakesh or Casablanca, Fez is a laid-back, relaxed and somewhat sleepy town, which happens to be the second largest city in Morocco at the same time … you would never guess that, walking down the empty lanes of its medina at midday, would you!

Fez has Ville Nouvelle – the new town, modern part of the city and the Medina – old, historic quartes which boasts of over seven thousand streets and lanes. It is actually the greatest pedestrian area without car access in the world.

This is where our riad is located – tucked away in a small lane through which only people and donkeys pass. Yet it is still conveniently near the main road where taxis stop on the way from the airport or station.

Medina of Fez has a lot of charm behind its high whitewashed walls, where beautiful interiors of medresas, riads and mosques are hiding. So make sure you see as many interiors of this great place as possible! Our riad in Fez is one such place, so only by staying with us you will already be experiencing the beauty that the medina of Fez is about.