How to deal with the heat in Fez

Fez has gotten quite hot in the last month or so and the daily temperatures rise over forty degrees these days. While July is a month of great heat, August tends to be still a bit hotter. How to plan your visit of Fez in the summer season? Read on!

1. Plan your visit accordingly

The people of Fez plan their day according to the temperature during the day hours – they rise up early to do some tasks before it gets too hot, then they rest inside during the heat peak hours only to wake up and continue carrying on their duties in the late afternoon and evening. Do the same! Rise up early to have a walk around the medina, and come to rest in the lunch time to regain your energy for an afternoon visit.

2. Dress like the locals

They know why they dress the way they do! Long but light jellabas are respectful to the local community while protecting your shoulders and lower legs from sun. As you walk, the air passes through the jellaba to cool you down. Isn’t it brilliant?

3. Escape the heat

The medina of Fez has been built exactly the way to protect its inhabitants from the heat of the day. Narrow lanes keep their shadows almost at all time, so if you avoid open areas, such as squares, you will actually stay out of the sun and heat for a good part of the day.

4. Drink a lot of liquids

We cannot stress it more – drink you water when in the streets, and have some hot tea when you come in – yes, the hot tea is drunk all through the summer to keep your internal temperature in balance.


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